_GLI.TC/H 20111 Conference! [US,NL & UK]
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GLI.TC/H, an international noise and [dirty] new-media event/conference/festival/gathering, is happening again in November! And we’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the event this year. Take a look.

Some background…

…last year I co-organized (along with Jon Satrom, Rosa Menkman and Evan Meaney) an event called GLI.TC/H which was a five day happening in Chicago, IL. It consisted of a gallery event, video screenings, real-time performances, lectures, workshops, panels and online components, and brought together for the first time in real-space glitch artists from around the world.

So what’s glitch art?


Glitch art is a, sometimes embraced other times reluctantly accepted, term which describes a wide range of activities practiced by video-makers / performers / writers / critics / activists / educators / image-makers / musicians / programmers / hackers / designers / and other digital/analog persons. These practitioners place at the core of their interests the glitch. A glitch (if we must define it) is a break in a system, an unexpected occurrence which veers our expectation and, while catching us off guard. reveals the system[s] at play.

Glitch art is about considering this occurrence.

While artists have been incorporating, embracing and intentionally [re]producing errors for quite a long time, the specific and intentional adoption of this concept as a uniquely digital occurrence (and perhaps an inherent aesthetic of the medium) could be said to have started within experimental music scenes of the 90’s. Around the mid 2000’s dirty new-media artists, noisy musicians, and failure minded theoreticians crossed wires in a way that [de]centralized the specific on-line conversation of “glitch art.” While dissertations were being written, individual works were finding their way through galleries, festivals and blogs, and heated debates (and some straight up flame wars) erupted on message boards and forums, a substantial physical gathering around this conversation had yet to take place.

GLI.TC/H 2010 was the first event of its kind to augment and explore this current in new media art IRL.

As we mention in the Kickstarter, last year we consciously adopted a free & open ethic for GLI.TC/H. We believe that exorbitant entrance fees and exclusive passes create obstacles between “actor” and “audience.” And while it may be the norm for conferences… it’s just not our style. Still, it takes considerable resources and energy to execute an event like GLI.TC/H. Additionally, we’ve expanded the event from Chicago, US (Nov 4th, 5th & 6th) to Amsterdam, NL (Nov 11 & 12) and Birmingham, UK (Nov 19th). Thus, GLI.TC/H has entered a tier beyond the means of the organizer’s collective wallets. And so we’ve placed GLI.TC/H 20111’s fate in your hands :)

I’ll finish off this post with an amazing video.doc from last year’s event by Antonio Roberts (aka Hellocatfood), a participant in last year’s event and curator of GLI.TC/H UK at this year’s event: